I just wanted to share a few updates about how things are going in Ghana and with Project Global Hope.

Recently one of our Ghana sisters delivered a healthy baby boy. He and mom are doing well now, but it was a long journey to a safe delivery. We were notified that she was going into labor, and needed to have a cecearian because her previous delivery was cecearian. She was having other medical complications and was in a severe amount of pain. She was admitted on a Thursday and transferred to a different hospital the next day. 5 days later the baby was finally born. During those days we were told that she would not be taken in for the surgery until a down-payment was made on the costs of the surgery. Some amazing people stepped forward and donated to help make the surgery possible. For those of you wondering about health insurance in Ghana… that’s a story of it’s own. All I can tell you about this situation is that we were told no down payment, no surgery. A huge, huge thanks to everyone who donated to make the surgery possible. The baby has not been named yet, there is a naming ceremony that must take place first.

The Fern House is coming along nicely. Opportunities continue to arise and the program is being blessed. They have a new website up. Visit The Fern House (please view in Chrome or Mozilla, they are working out the IE kinks). There are volunteers headed to Ghana next week. Follow the news feed on their blog to learn more about The Fern House and their exciting adventures while they are in Ghana.

The educational sponsorship program just sent funds over for kids to start the new school term. We are still in need of many sponsors for education.  Here are Children Needing Sponsors, I encourage you to just stop by the page and read a bit about these kids. A big thank you to the donors making it possible for these kids to receive an education. You are providing hope and a future.

From our last trip we started a feeding program at a school in Chorkor. We are still looking for sponsors to help us provide food for the children in that school. We are intermittently offering meals, but we have not been able to establish a regular program. The goal of the program is to enhance the education of the children by ensuring some food is made available to the children. Hungry bellies distract from learning. Visit the PGH website to learn more about the program.

We recently did a Yard Sale Fundraiser, it was cold, windy and rainy… but still a huge success. Thanks to everyone who donated their time and resources. The money is going to go towards our plans to start an internet cafe.

We are currently planning another trip to Ghana the first week in November. If you are interested in joining us or learning more about the work we are doing on that trip, feel free to email me. I’ll be posting more info about it as time allows.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for reading my blog!