First, a brief on our JFK to ACC trip. Our cabin crew was made up of a number of amazing women doing their own humanitarian work in Ghana. I had “met” one on line before. And I had heard a bit about the others. It was great to see them in person and connect. We have been helping some of the same people in Ghana. It was like checking in with old friends. I am blessed to have met these ladies and hope to keep in contact with them. I’d like to commend Delta for their choice in employees, how amazing that these women are dedicated to making a difference.

We landed in Ghana in the morning on Saturday. (more…)


As usual I have to start with my list of disclaimers.
“I” don’t do this work. The use of the words “I” or “we” are only used because I’d rather not list the names of others who may not want their names listed on my blog. Rather than get permission, I keep things generic. Certainly none of this work is possible without God, ALL the people who support Project Global Hope and the people of Ghana.

I’ve been to Ghana enough to know I have a lot to learn. I am not pretending to be an expert. The blog is named ‘just my point of view’ because that’s all it is -my perspective, my point of view. Anyone else could have a completely different experience, even under similar circumstances.


Good-bye to 2010.

Just like that, 2010 is gone. In its own right, it took its own sweet time in passing, I guess I am just surprised at all that happened in just 12 months. Here’s my top 10 recap of 2010.


Delta Elite Flyer. 4 trips to Ghana in 2010. That totals 7 trips to Africa in 2 years.  Which means I am now a Delta Gold Medallion Elite member. It means I can use the fast lines to check in and get boarded, and on more than one occasion I was upgraded to first class (for free).


Discovering micro/braid locs. One of my “tender-headed” children cried and cried for me just to comb out her 3 inch hair. Thanks to YouTube and the Nappturality forum, I learned everything I needed to for installing braid locs. I can honestly say taking the drama out of the hair issue with this daughter has helped our bonding and definitely helped me keep any sanity I had left in the hair department.


A trip to Togo. Thanks to my Togolese brother in Ghana, we received a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” trip to Togo. Our friends in Togo were prepared for us to arrive; we just weren’t prepared to get there. Unknown driver, takes unidentified vehicle across country border. We encountered as many as 7 stops by official, and unofficial, border patrol. And were forced to abandoned our non-internationally licensed vehicle to complete our journey. Loved the people of Togo and found the journey nothing less than exciting. I’d love to go back, but maybe via a direct flight.


Establishing a non-profit. Thanks to my friend and co-founder and the men who love us, we were able to make a long time dream of mine come true. Project Global Hope was conceived. We still have a long way to go. But thanks to everyone who supported the idea and has supported our mission already.


Front load high capacity washer and driers. Our former drier died and we were forced to find a replacement. I thought I was going overboard when I started looking at high capacity washers. But for a family of 8 this is about the most amazing invention yet!  You can pack a LOT of clothes into one load! I did watch the entire first load wash from start to finish, and I may have entertained by watching another load or two since then. Daddy T is the main operator for laundry in the house, but I LOVE those machines.


15 passenger vans.


Charter schools with the most amazing teachers and administrators in the world. As a working mother, I can say the only thing that makes my career possible is an excellent school like our children are attending. Thanks DAAS!


Awkwaaba Gathering. Several families who have adopted, or are planning to adopt, from Ghana gathered in IL this summer. It was one of the best vacations I have ever taken. I loved spending time with my family and so many people I had things in common with and whom I’d stayed in contact with on the internet during our adoption. 


Friends who really know when you are in need. I have no way to express the love I felt when my friends and family pulled together to make our fundraiser to bring home Baby Boy possible. How blessed am I that I can just head off to Ghana a week prior to a huge fundraiser and return home to find everything was set? I just needed to show up. God bless anyone who helped us, came to the event, or just thought about us in the process. That fundraiser was an amazing outpouring of love.


Miracles. It’s not called coincidence to travel 6,000 miles to find yourself in an orphanage you never planned to visit, nor which you even knew existed, to find your son is waiting for you. Bringing home Baby Boy was a miracle. Let’s not even label it with that “Modern Day Miracle” business. This was a miracle in the purest sense.

*Oh, and I am too busy living life to really think about a bucket list. I was just looking for a good reason to use that cute photo.

Welcome 2011!

Coming soon…



Top 10 of 2010


maybe for 2011, a bucket list…

you write blog posts in your head all the time, but can’t seem to get them down in the computer?

It never takes long for me to miss Ghana.

Today I miss Emma’s cooking. I’d love some friend chicken and fried yams.

Today I wish I was there to help with the sick momma and new baby I was called about. A young mother struggles with her health and the health of her newborn.

Today I miss Momma Comfort and Grandma Mary…

Mi so mo bo waaaaaa! (I love you in “Ga”)

I love a good quote. My other blogs are woven with quotes that have inspired, encouraged and corrected me. It’s been a long time since I have come across such a meaningful quote as this one.

“To seek approval is to have no resting place, no sanctuary. Like all judgment, approval encourages a constant striving. It makes us uncertain of who we are and of our true value. Approval cannot be trusted. It can be withdrawn at any time no matter what our track record has been. It is as nourishing of real growth as cotton candy. Yet many of us spend our lives pursuing it.”

 Rachel Naomi Remen

I am not quite sure how to share my point of view on this quote, but I like it. My point of view on myself is that I left this monkey behind a while back… and I am glad he’s gone.